Any Purpose Loans

Our loans can be used to fund virtually any legal purpose! Some examples are

A dream Wedding

A wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life, and with the venues, themes and styles of ceremony becoming more and more extraordinary, your perfect day can seem out of reach. A wedding loan is taken out to make sure that you and your partner can achieve the dream day that you crave, at a cost you can afford. The best thing to do when planning your wedding is to first set a budget, and stick to it. Begin by listing the essentials, such as the venue, dress and rings and use that as a start to build on additional extras to personalise your day. Don’t forget to factor in your honeymoon; some people take out a wedding loan to cover the cost of the honeymoon so that the couple don’t need to worry about money on their relaxing holiday.

Medical bills

Undergoing cosmetic surgery whether it is dental, bariatric or corrective can be a difficult process. This is why it is so important to get your finances in order beforehand so that you are free to concentrate on your recovery rather than how the treatment will be paid for. Taking out the right medical loan can allow you to undergo the procedure now and pay for it at a later date in smaller, more manageable installments, rather than having to find a large upfront sum.

A dream holiday

If your dream of a holiday is still out of reach, a holiday loan could be the answer. Taking out this unsecured loan allows you to take the holiday of a lifetime, get away for a much needed break, visit family abroad or attend an overseas wedding, paying for it at a later date.

Caravan or motorhome

Purchasing a caravan or motorhome can mean more holidays, more family time and more opportunity to see the world. With the right caravan or motorhome finance deal, life on the road can be very achievable.

Purchase the freehold to your property

Freehold relates to the ownership of both the land and the buildings on that land. If you do not own the freehold, you are in a leasehold property, which can mean unfair service charges and £1,000s spent in extending leases. To tackle these difficulties, a ‘collective enfranchisement’ law has been passed in England and Wales. This law gives neighbouring leaseholders the opportunity to buy the freehold at a fair market value.

Purchasing the freehold means that:

  • You no longer have to pay service charges or ground rent.

  • You can extend the lease for 999 years free of charge (although there will be legal fees to action this).

  • You have the freedom to choose a more competitively priced maintenance and insurance deal.

  • You may benefit from a 1% increase to your property, as well as making your home more desirable to potential buyers.

However, you must also consider:

  • The large initial cost to purchase the freehold, for which you may need a loan.

  • The lengthy freehold purchase process, which usually lasts a year but could be longer if the current freeholder is uncooperative.

  • That the lease will remain the same, so ask a solicitor to check this over.

  • That a freehold company must be set up between the freeholders and as a result the insurance, maintenance and account’s responsibilities must be shared and agreed upon, with your neighbours.

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